‘La vie en rose’ in Bangalow Farm

Five fruits and veggies each day. That’s supposed to be an healthy habit everybody should have. But nobody wants a insipid life with tasteless meals. That’s right, nobody wants to spend money on a pear which have been picked a year ago and freezed to be kept ‘fresh’ (that’s really what happens and not only with pears), because it will inevitably not be ‘fresh’ or even juicy.

So, stop buying in big industrial supermarkets and think local : buy directly to famers. Michael, the owner of Bangalow Farm, is that kind of farmer who can tell you the story of his cabbages, his kales, his carrots, his pigs… Basically he can tell you the story of every single product he grows. With Bangalow Farm you almost don’t have to go to supermarkets anymore, they have all you need. Even breads and pastries made by Cornelia, Michael’s wife.

And it’s not a matter of price, because if there is the slightest difference with Coles or Woolworth it totally worth it. Your tommy deserves the best. By eating well you will increase your chances to see ‘la vie en rose’ like Cornelia (Cornelia is also a famous local artist, see some of her paintings). Too simple ? Probably not considering that the second biggest neuronal area of our bodies is located in our stomachs, which is linked to our brain.

This article made your mouth water ? Meet Michael in Bangalow, Byron Bay or Mullumbimby Farmers Market.


Bangalow Farm Facebook Page.


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